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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing your Major

Here are the five most important questions you need to answer before deciding your major.

1. Do you enjoy spending time on this subject?

The simplest way to think about your major choice is by asking yourself: would you be happy to spend the next three to five years studying this subject? This could mean different things for different majors. Studying Engineering relies heavily on maths and physics, while Law consists of essays and case studies, and Film Studies include media and scripts.

If you are having doubts, try watching a university lecture on Youtube or reading the course content more closely to see if the topics interest you.

2. Do your abilities fit the major?

Many students choose their major without giving enough thought to their abilities and whether they fit the subject.

If you have struggled with maths in school, then you most likely won’t enjoy an Engineering degree. Likewise, if you don’t enjoy long readings or essay-writing, then a Political Science degree isn’t for you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this question - struggling with the fundamentals of your degree can affect your entire university experience.

3. Do you have a dream career?

If you have a certain career in mind that requires a qualifying degree, such as Medicine, Law or Engineering, then the choice is made easy for you.

However, there is still some flexibility if you are not entirely set on this. For example, in the US, Law and Medicine are graduate degrees which means that you will need to complete a different undergraduate degree before taking that step. In the UK, you can complete a legal conversion course, or study Senior Status Law or Medicine after your first degree.

While your degree can prepare you for the future, your career is not set once you choose your major. It is possible to become a lawyer after studying Chemistry, or a business owner after studying History!

4. Do you still have no idea?

Still struggling to pick a major? Consider the prospects of the degree.

If you really have no idea what major to choose but have a vague interest in a certain field, consider the future prospects of different degrees. For instance, technology is a growing sector in every field. Choosing to study Biotechnology if you have a general interest in the sciences could be a smart move for the future!

5. Did you research the specific courses?

Once you have decided what subject to study, make sure you research the right courses for you. Many universities will offer the same major, but their course structure and content can vary widely. Spend some time reading the course page to ensure that you are happy with your final choices!


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